Lost and Found

Reporting a Lost Item

If you have lost something on a Transit bus, staff may be holding onto it for you.

To check for an item lost on a bus, please call 907-225-TRAN (8726).

Lost and Found Retrieval Tips:

  • Sometimes items do not reach the Transit Center until the end of a shift. It is best to call the next day to confirm if staff found your lost item.
  • When you call, be ready with information that can help Transit staff identify your lost item, such as a detailed description or a unique characteristic of an item.
  • Knowing the bus line, time of day traveled, and the direction of travel (southbound, northbound) can help.
Items are held for one month with the following exceptions:

  • Wallets, passports and non-local drivers licenses are turned over to the Ketchikan Police Department (225-6631) or Cruise Line Agencies of Alaska at 225-0999 immediately.
  • Keys are sent to the Ketchikan Police Department after one week.
  • Local Drivers Licenses are sent to Ketchikan Police Department after a week.
  • Bank cards that are not claimed are destroyed after one week.