Ketchikan Gateway Borough

Attending a Meeting

If you are attending an Assembly meeting for the first time, the following information will be helpful:

The meeting will be opened by the Mayor, or in his absence, by the Vice-Mayor.


Items to be considered by the Assembly are listed on the agenda. Because there are so many matters for the Assembly to discuss, the agenda is prepared in advance. If you have a matter for Assembly consideration, please contact the Borough Clerk's Office to obtain the necessary forms. Items for the agenda must be received no later than 7 days prior to the next Assembly meeting.

Items are considered in the order listed on the agenda, unless the order is changed by the Assembly.

Roberts' Rules of Order are observed.

Copies of the agenda and all ordinances and resolutions to be considered are available at the entrance of the meeting room.

NOTE: If you address the Assembly during a public hearing or under CITIZEN'S REMARKS: GIVE YOUR NAME AND PHYSICAL ADDRESS FIRST FOR THE OFFICIAL RECORD of the meeting. A microphone is provided on the lectern to enable the entire audience to hear your comments. Please limit your comments to 5 minutes if at all possible.


Public hearings are scheduled at the beginning of the meeting.

Many people do not understand the procedure which the Assembly uses for conducting public hearings. Individuals often come to Assembly meetings expecting a public hearing to be held when an item, about which they are concerned, first appears on an agenda.

If an item requires a public hearing (see list below), the action the Assembly normally takes when it is first considered is to set the date for a public hearing.

This date is usually the next regular meeting. The time is necessary to publish public notices in the newspaper as required by law. It also gives the Assembly and the Borough staff time to gather the necessary information and official documents.

Public hearings are held as part of the following actions:

1. Second reading of all ordinances
2. Consideration of the Annual Borough Budget
3. Consideration of annexations
4. Rezone requests
5. Reclassification of lands

NOTE: Public hearings are NOT usually held for resolutions except for those items listed above. Instead, resolutions are introduced at an Assembly meeting and passage is usually considered at that same meeting.


* People often come to the Assembly meeting expecting to present their particular problem and get an immediate answer. Experience has shown that many of these problems could be solved much faster if taken to the Borough department providing the service.

* If the problem has not been resolved after discussing it with the appropriate Borough department, you should first contact the Borough Manager's office. If the problem still has not been resolved you can request that your problem be placed on the official agenda of the Assembly. This can be done by following the procedure shown under the heading of "Agenda." This will also allow the Assembly and Borough staff to gather additional information on the situation.

* Anyone wishing to discuss a particular item on the agenda, not a subject of a public hearing, MUST wait until the "Public Comment" portion of the meeting. PLEASE follow the instructions in the box to the left.

However, anyone presenting a problem should realize that the Assembly will not have specific information available during the meeting to provide a complete reply. So the best procedure is to have the item placed on the regular agenda. This can be done by following the procedure under the heading of "Agenda."

* Thank you for your interest and participation. All meetings of the Borough Assembly are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Regular Borough Assembly meetings are usually attended by members of the news media and broadcast by KPU and local cable companies. The Regular Assembly meetings are scheduled for the first and 3rd Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the Assembly Chambers located at 1900 First Avenue.