Ketchikan Gateway Borough



Planning and Miscellaneous Documents:

Thomas Basin Loo & Bus Stop PowerPoint Presentation, 24 pages (PDF, 70MB)

Totem Bight Sheler Concept & Architectural Drawings (PDF, 4.5MB)

Paratransit & Senior Service Riders Manual AND Ketchikan Gateway Borough

Paratransit Plan (PDF, 400KB)

Ketchikan Gateway Borough Fleet Maintenance Program (Draft PDF, 400KB)

Ketchikan Gateway Borough Transit Facility Maintenance Plan (Draft PDF, 700KB)

35Ft Bus RFP and Proposal (Zip File 59Mb)

2011 Downtown Shuttle Program (PDF, 5 MB) (DRAFT 2/10/2011): A proposal for Downtown Shuttle Operations for summer 2011 and beyond. Map and Memo included in download.

Memo to Joint City/Borough Cooperative Relations Commitee from the Transit Supervisor regarding: Free Cruise Passenger Shuttles in Downtown (PDF, 3MB)


Ketchikan's Coordinated Transportation Plan 2010 Update Final Report (PDF, 10MB)

Prepared for Southeaset Independant Living (SAIL)

& The Revilla Coordinated Transportation Coalition (RCTC)

Statewide Transportaion Awareness Campaign. Listen to and read what locals and others around our great state had to say about transit:

    Radio Spot: Transit benifits to business ( MP3, 60 seconds 1,878KB)

    Radio Spot: Transit generic statewide ( MP3, 60 seconds 1,878KB)

    Radio Spot: Transit featuring local residents, the Watson's ( MP3, 30 seconds 940KB)

    Radio Spot: Transit featuring local resident, Cee Glasser ( MP3, 30 seconds 940KB)

    Download: Statewide Transportation Awareness Campaign brochure (PDF, 7.3MB)

Download: 2006 Coordinated Transportation (PDF, 212 pages, 13MB)

Senior Services & Paratransit Contracts & Assemby Resolution:

     Download: Paratransit (TIF, 62 pages, 2.5MB)

     Download: Senior Service (TIF, 44 pages, 1.5MB)


FY2013 5311 Application



 If you have any questions call 225-TRAN (8726).