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Thanks Paul.  You should be aware that the topic is on the agenda for the joint assembly school board meeting tonight.  I will forward your comments to the Clerk if you like so that they can be provided to the Assembly at the meeting.  Just let Kacie or I know if you want them to be provided to the elected folks at tonight’s meeting.
From: Paul Crowl [mailto:pmc49p@gmail.com] 
Sent: Monday, February 13, 2012 3:11 PM
To: Scott Brandt- Erichsen
Cc: Wayne Weihing; Shelly Tradel / Rudy Franulovich
Subject: Re: Preliminary Field CIP report
Scott, et al,
My apologies for not submitting any response to your Preliminary Field CIP report sooner. Having reviewed the report, I come away with mixed feelings. On the one hand I understand the logic in trying to leverage funding sources to meet the considerable costs needed to bringing Dudley Field up to a reasonable standard. However, on the other hand I see the proposal to attempt to secure funds through a bond issue, and tying it to the educational needs, as risky in today's economic climate. In addition, whether bond issue vote is successful or not, the time frame appears to put off any work on the field and the site for another two, to even three, years. I am not sure the site is capable of tolerating that kind of delay and still remain a safe and fair field to hold games for the various field user groups.

In the long term, I feel that the entire site needs to be dealt with, including the tennis courts, and the disposition of the Mike Smithers Pool structure and site. I feel that to fully take advantage of any bonding request, a thorough review and comprehensive site development plan is required. To do otherwise is to yet again come up with piece meal approach which will not serve the long term needs of the community or the field users.
Having said that, I cannot stress enough, that there are significant short term needs that must be addressed for the Dudley site to remain safe and usable for the intervening time frame while whatever CIP/bond proposal is developed and brought to the voters. (Reference Softball User Response in the Draft CIP report)
There is not doubt that this presents a conundrum for all concerned. My original interest in the site and its issues was to address current problems, to create a safe and fair playing and athletic environment for the youth of Ketchikan. While a "Field Of Dreams"  would be nice, it can't be achieved ahead of dealing with the current problems at the site, problems that require funding now and not in the future.
Paul M. Crowl

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Field users,
We have prepared a preliminary report recommending a 5 year CIP plan for the school related sports fields and the Mike Smither’s pool.  It can be viewed on the Borough’s web site at the link below.  One hard copy is being provided to each school involved, Houghtaling, Fawn Mountain, Houghtaling, Schoenbar and Kayhi.  If you have problems accessing this site, let us know and we will try to accommodate you.  Any comments or suggestions can be sent to the above e-mail address.  Thank you for your participation in this process.
Scott Brandt-Erichsen