From:                                   Scott Brandt- Erichsen []

Sent:                                    Thursday, February 16, 2012 3:21 PM

To:                                        Cindy Montgomery

Subject:                                FW: Preliminary Field CIP report

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From: Paul Crowl []
Sent: Thursday, February 16, 2012 2:57 PM
To: Scott Brandt- Erichsen; Ed Schofield
Cc: Wayne Weihing; Shelly
Subject: Re: Preliminary Field CIP report


Scott & Ed,

I need to add to my comments in my email of 02/13. I took the opportunity to walk around Dudley on Tuesday, 02/14, and I was astounded at the amount of erosion that has occurred over this winter, particularly on the area that serves as the left field for S. Dudley Field. I last walked the field in November and took some photos at that time. And on my walk of Feb. 14, I took more photos to document the changes that have taken place over the winter (see attachments). 


As I noted in my Feb. 13 email, I don't believe that Dudley can remain useable if significant efforts to correct the current problems are not undertaken ahead of any other effort to improve the site. K Hi softball will be taking the field as weather allows beginning the first part of March, and their season will start sometime in late April. The Junior Olympic program will be starting their season around the first of April. The current state of S. Dudley is unplayable, and I feel a significant effort will be required to correct the damage, and make the surface safe as well as playable.  


The photos in the attachments are arranged by date, beginning in November. The first attachment deals with the problems with S. Dudley:

1. Runoff erosion in the left field and along the left field foul line above Jackson St,


Attachment two deals with the following:

1. Erosion around  the collection drain above Jackson St. which has under cut the concrete slab and rendering the drain useless.

2. Erosion around the footings for the deck leading to the field lights controls, and questionable stability of the deck.

3. An apparent excavation located along the right field foul line on S. Dudley near the old restroom. This excavation will need to be compacted.

4. Changes that have occurred to the new storm drain located at 5th and Jackson which result from the eroded field surface material entering the storm drain system.


The most serious items shown in the photos is the eroded "canyon" that has developed on S. Dudley. In my view, it cannot be effectively corrected by simply filling it in with material currently available at the field. Unless it is filled correctly, stabilized, and compacted, it will redevelop, and will remain an imperfection in the surface that could easily become an "ankle breaker" to an unsuspecting player more intent on fielding a ball than watching their footing!  The issue of secure footing is also a concern with regards to the excavation near the restroom on S. Dudley, or it to will represent a significant hazard to an unsuspecting player.


Looking at the current state of the Dudley site, with attention to the continued general decline of the field surface, and the specific problems highlighted in the photos, my concern remains, what is the work plan for Dudley Field as we look ahead to the upcoming spring and summer season. As I noted in my email of 02/13, Dudley can't afford another 2 or 3 years of deferred maintenance and repairs if it is to remain a useful, playable, fair and safe recreation field. And while these comments are directed to the playing field issues, the other issue of access around the facility for those who face challenges dealing with the uneven and rough walking tread remain unreconciled. 


In closing, any information you can give with regards to the proposed program of work for Dudley for this year would be greatly appreciated. I want to note that I appreciate your efforts in dealing with Dudley, and thanks for your help. Also please include my email of 02/13,  this email, and attached photos into the comments from the Dudley Field Users on the Borough website.


Thanks again for you help.

Paul Crowl