Fawn Mountain Track and Field

Fawn Mountain field is a track and turf field facility with adequate size for all soccer and football events.  It is used by KYSL; KYFL; Fawn Mountain school; the high school track team; the high school cross country team; the high school football team; both the girls and boys high school soccer teams; Special Olympics; the Schoenbar soccer teams; and numerous citizens for individual recreation.  It has lights and fencing.  It is the field most closely associated with Fawn Mountain  school, and used for Fawn Mountain P.E. classes and recess, and for Schoenbar and Kayhi athletic teams.


The Borough and the School District have been working together to complete a number of amenities for the Fawn Mountain school field complex.  As part of that effort an agreement was reached in the spring of 2011 under which the School District is moving forward with design for construction in 2012 of an ADA accessibility ramp; restroom/change room and storage structure; bleachers; and other items listed.  There are discussions this fall about amending the agreement to include expanding the playground surface and including installation of the donated scoreboard for football.


The total funds available from the Fawn Mountain construction are approximately $784,064, which will not be enough to construct all of the desired amenities.  Lower priorities, such as concession stands, will likely have to wait for other funding sources.


The links below will reach copies of the School District agreement with the Borough regarding construction of specified improvements and the Resolution of the Assembly delegating that responsibility to the School District.



Fawn Mountain Track Field Resolution 2318 delegating Fawn Mt improvemetns to School District
Agenda statement April 4 2011 delegating Fawn Mt. Borough and school district MOA for Fawn Mt

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