Request for Field Improvements and Meeting Minutes

This page includes links to correspondence received by the Borough requesting maintenance and improvements to the school athletic fields.  It is not all inclusive, and does not include verbal inquiries or suggestions for major construction projects such as the concepts discussed in recent years by the Little League organization for a dormitory complex and field house.  It is limited to field maintenance and amenity topics.  The minutes included are notes or minutes (when available) from meetings of Borough staff with field user groups.  As additional corespondence is received, this is where it may be presented.


Note: These materials do not include any discussion or materials relating to the pending skate park project under development by Ketchikan Youth Initiatives and the Borough.  The focus of this project is solely on the school athletic fields and facilities which are also used by community groups.


Community Requests


April 25. Letter from Dudley Field Users Minutes from March Mtg with Dudley Field Users Project summary for 11.16.11 joint meeting. KYSL letter to Assembly
Summary of Suggestions Received December 2. 2011 FW Preliminary Field CIP report DF Erosion 02 2012_1 DF Erosion 02 2012_2
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