School Athletic Fields

                   The Borough Manager has received communications from various field user groups over the past year relating to requests for maintenance or improvements.  Some steps have been taken to address these requests, including the appropriation of funds for some deferred maintenance and upgrades.  As the topic has been studied, the Borough staff has realized that there may be a number of advantages to the recreational field users if the Borough and the School District cooperate in the major maintenance and upgrade of those fields facilities which are co-located with, and used heavily by, students at Borough School District schools.

                    In order to define and prioritize specific major maintenance and capital improvement items at these facilities, the Borough Manager has asked the Public Works Director, Ed Schofield, the Parks and Recreation Supervisor, Wendy Miller, and the Borough Attorney, Scott Brandt-Erichsen, to communicate with field users and the School District to develop a package of improvements for which to seek State matching funding.

                    In order to avoid inundating interested stakeholders in this process with information, but to also make the information available, we have organized relevant information into a series of links in this web page.  By clicking on the appropriate hypertext links, site visitors can get more detailed information on the topics listed below.  You can also use the links to e-mail comments or suggestions to the Borough staff working on this project.

                     The final work product is intended to be a capital improvement plan for construction of major maintenance items and other capital improvements to school athletic fields.  The objective is to have the work completed by March, 2012, in order to allow adequate time for the School Board and the Assembly to consider the items in their budget deliberations, and to include an appropriate package of projects in an application for 70% State matching funds for a school facilities bond proposition.

                  It is important to understand that there is no guarantee any of these improvements will be constructed.  Also, the scope is limited to school related sports fields.  The Borough Parks and Recreation operations include many parks and other recreational facilities which require maintenance, and there are other plans in the works for construction of recreational facilities such as a skate park or other facilities which are not tied to schools.  The focus here is solely on those fields and improvements which are related to the schools.   This may include suggestions for re-use of the Mike Smithers Pool building, including demolition or disposing of that structure,  following the opening of the new pool facility.

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