Service Area Boards

Meeting Minutes and Packets

Click here to view service area meeting minutes. Click here to view packets for upcoming service area meetings.


The Borough Clerk's Office is accepting applications for appointment to the following service area boards:

  • Forest Park: 3 Vacancies
  • Gold Nugget: 2 Vacancies 
  • Loring: 2 Vacancies
  • Mud Bight: 2 Vacancies 
  • North Tongass Fire & EMS: 1 Vacancy 
  • South Tongass: 2 Vacancies 
  • Waterfall Creek: 1 Vacancy 

Click here for a service area board application or contact the Borough Clerk's Office at 228-6605.

Appointment Process

Candidates for board membership must submit a completed application to the Clerk's Office. The Mayor makes the appointment and it is subject to confirmation by the Assembly. Terms of office for board members are three years. The terms are staggered and expire on June 30 of each year.

Board Member Qualifications

In order to be appointed to a service area board, an applicant must be a qualified Borough voter who at the time of appointment and must have resided in the respective service area for not less than thirty days. Loring and Mud Bight members must own land in the service area, but do not have to reside in the service area.


Service areas are administered by Boards of Directors. In the absence of a board the service area is administered by Borough Public Works staff.

Service Area Formation

A petition may be filed to establish a service area in any given area of the Borough to perform one or more government services. Contact the Borough Clerk's Office for more information about the service area formation process.