Appeal a citation

If you are appealing a parking citation, please fill out the appeal form within 20 days of the date of the notice of the citation.

***Citations that are turned in after 20 days may be rejected.

When filling out the appeal form, please put the citation number on the form that is in the right hand corner of the violation (B-P xxxx) and attach a copy of your ticket and any documentation you want to have considered for the appeal (receipts for purchase of parking or whatever proof is required per citation). The appeal may be denied if it's not complete.

You should receive a confirmation email after your appeal has been submitted online. (You may need to check your filter to make sure it hasn't gone in your junk mail folder). If you don't receive one please contact the Airport Manager's Office. Once the appeal has been received you will be notified, and the appeal decision will be sent via USPS mail. If you have questions please contact the Airport Manager's Office.