Code and Planning Committee

The Code and Planning Committee is a Committee of the Planning Commission that includes members from the Borough Assembly, the Ketchikan City Council and the Saxman City Council. This Committee provides input and directs the staff of the Department of Planning and Community Development in the updating and rewriting of the Comprehensive Plan, Title 17 Subdivisions, and Title 18 Zoning. This Committee meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month, starting at 6 PM.

Committee Membership

Greg Poppen - Planning Commission

Mike Medford - Planning Commission

Sam Bergeron - Ketchikan City Council

Frank Seludo - Saxman City Council

Felix Wong - Borough Assembly

Judith McQuerry - Borough Assembly

A. J. Pierce - Borough Assembly

Bill Rotecki - Citizen Member

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 Comprehensive Plan Update

Why do we need a comprehensive plan?

Alaska Statutes require land use management for certain types of governments, in the case of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough, second class boroughs are required to address land use and platting regulations. In order to have zoning or land use regulations, a comprehensive plan is needed. The concept of a comprehensive plan is closely related to the economic prosperity of a community. A comprehensive plan is a planning tool for envisioning the future growth of a community. One of the most important aspects of a comprehensive plan is in addressing the constant change and evolution of a community. Comprehensive plans are often called land use plans; land use planning is an important part of a comprehensive plan, addressing land use issues associated with implementation tools and review processes specifically related to land use changes. Comprehensive plans are also prepared to address compatibility issues between varying land uses, management and preservation of natural resources, identification and preservation of historically significant lands and structures, and adequate planning for infrastructure needs. In other instances, comprehensive plans are utilized to address issues related to schools, recreation, and housing.

What is a comprehensive plan?

Comprehensive planning is an attempt to establish guidelines for the future growth of a community. As the term "comprehensive" suggests, this is an all-inclusive approach to addressing the issue of a community's future growth. A comprehensive plan is a formal document produced through a visioning process. The document is official in nature, meaning that it is designed to be adopted into law by some form of local government. The document should then serve as a policy guide to decisions about community development, such as changes in zoning and the development of zoning regulations.

Idea Development

Below are links to comprehensive plan topic surveys created to gather ideas on specific focus areas.

General Retail