Over the Counter Land Sales Established by Borough Assembly Action

In accordance with Borough Assembly Resolution 2696-S, an unsolicited land sales process was established to create an over the counter land sales procedure for properties not currently listed as part of the Borough real estate list established with a local real estate firm/broker.

An unsolicited land sale process begins with a request to the Borough asking for a specific property to be placed on the market for an over the counter sale. The Borough Assembly approves by resolution the disposal of property for an over the counter sale and establishes the listing price.

Once a resolution is approved, the property will be advertised on the Borough website, on the Planning and Community Development Bulletin Board, and in the newspaper for a minimum of four consecutive weekends. Once the advertisement period is completed, the Manager may approve an offer that is no less than 90% of the listing price. A price less than 90% of the listing price will require Assembly approval. If an offer includes non-monetary terms which affect the value of the proposed purchase price, the Manager shall refer the offer to the Assembly.

Current Properties Listed for Over the Counter Sale 

for-sale-sign-on-wood-post-clipart18 Lots sold as a single unit sale, located in the Mountain Point Subdivision, ASLS 80-187, Plat No. 82-29; see maps below.  Listing price is $145,500.

Offer submitted on 7/10/2017 at 4:32 PM - $180 with development agreement proposal, subject to Assembly review and approval.

Assessor Parcel No. Adjacent ROW Lo Block
702320047000 California Drive 12 5
702320050000 California Drive 9 5
772320037000 Mahoney Way 13 8
772320040000 Nichols Drive 13 7
772320041000 Mahoney Way 1 10
772320042000 Mahoney Way 2 10
772320043000 Mahoney Way 3 10
772320044000 Mahoney Way 4 10
772320046000 Nichols Drive 6 10
772330021000 Nichols Drive 9 7
772330023000 Nichols Drive 7 7
772330024000 Nichols Drive 6 7
772330034000 Princess Drive 11 8
772330035000 Princess Drive 10 8
772330041000 Princess Drive 4 8
772330046000 Princess Drive 2 9
772330047000 Princess Drive 3 9
772330048000 Mahoney Way 4 9

​Previous Over the Counter Land Sales

Location Listing Price Successful Bid Status
Lot 2, USS 3541 $150,800 $150,800 SOLD
Tract A, ASLS 85-68, a subdivision of Lot 25, USS 3155 $128,900 $240,000 SOLD
Tract B, ASLS 85-68, a subdivision of Lot 25, USS 3155 $115,200 $150,000 SOLD
Lot 6, High School Plat $60,000 $60,000 SOLD