Planning Reports

Comprehensive Plan - The Comprehensive Plan is a long-range document that memorializes the vision of the community and the leadership of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough. Used as a guideline to provide consistent application of regulations and to provide for responsible development, the Comprehensive Plan establishes the framework to build a sustainable community plan within the geographic boundaries of the region known as the Ketchikan Gateway Borough, inclusive of its unincorporated parts and municipalities.

Comprehensive Housing Assessment Plan (CHAP) - To better understand housing issues in the community, the Ketchikan Gateway Borough (KGB) contracted with McDowell Group and partner Millard + Associates to conduct a Comprehensive Housing Assessment Project (CHAP). The purpose of this study is to identify housing gaps and provide the Borough with options to address housing barriers. 

Revitalizing Ketchikan’s Neighborhoods”  -  is the realization of the far-sighted goal of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough to develop a community vision for improvements to the Newtown, Downtown, and Old Town neighborhoods of Ketchikan.  These historic waterfront neighborhoods are impacted seasonally by the thousands of cruise ship visitors sailing Alaska’s Inside Passage.  For the majority of these visitors, Ketchikan’s downtown neighborhoods are the only experience they will have of the community. This underscores the role of these neighborhoods in the community’s destination appeal. Maintaining our attraction as a visitor destination is one of the few things the community can control.  The concepts developed during the public planning process focused on creating a safer and more attractive pedestrian area, enhancing both the visitors’ and residents’ experience of the downtown neighborhoods, and providing access to Ketchikan’s colorful history, culture and natural environment.

Gravina & Pennock Island Plans

Hopkins Alley/Newtown Revitalization - We are pleased to present Hopkins Alley/Newtown: A Framework for Revitalization on behalf of the Department of Planning and Community Development, Ketchikan Gateway Borough. Hopkins Alley holds a special place within our town, and the community continues to support the preservation and upkeep of this area’s historic character. To this end, with additional funding from the City of Ketchikan, the Planning Department has compiled a comprehensive framework to provide guidance for those invested in this neighborhood.